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The-other-Wise-GuysComputer repair shops come and go, and only the best survive.  We recently saw that a couple of computer techs opened a shop on Highway 36 in Stillwater named Wise Guys Computer Repair LLC.  We visited them and wished them luck.  The similarities of our respective names is unfortunate, mostly for us, since they are new.  Just a note to my long time customers, this is not our shop, and we are not affiliated with these guys in any way.

We started the original WyzGuys in 2001, and grown the business through 2 recessions.  We have the expertise you are looking for, as prices you can afford.

Just continue east on Hwy 36 and turn right into Bayport.  You will still find us working at 355 Second Ave So.  We work out of our home, because that way we can control our costs better, and keep our rates lower.

Call us at 651-705-6360 to schedule an appointment, at our shop or your business or home.


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