Comprehensive tech support by design

Initial consultationOur long term goal for our clients is to create a reliable and stable computer and network environment. After the initial phases of our support relationship, many of our clients experience a significant reduction in support incidents and associated expenses.

Our Process

Step One: Initial Consultative Meeting

We meet with you to determine whether we are a good fit for your company or organization. The first meeting is generally exploratory and complementary. Our discussion will usually cover the following topics:

  • Your current operating environment
  • Computer and network issues, goals, and concerns
  • Your project or punch list
  • WyzGuys will prepare proposal if requested
  • Our Process

Step Two – Comprehensive Site Survey

Once we have decided it makes sense to work together, a WyzGuys support professional will return to perform a comprehensive site survey.

  • Take complete hardware inventory
  • Investigate and diagram the network topology
  • Document server environment if any
  • Document user configurations
  • Document Internet and Telephone service providers
  • Document website hosting and e-mail service providers

Step Three – Recommendations Phase

Once we have collected the information from Step Two and compiled a Operating Environment Profile, we will offer our recommendations and begin scheduling the work.

  • Schedule projects or punch list items
  • Recommend network improvements
  • Establish backup system
  • Recommend security improvements, standardize on a single Internet security product
  • Server or Cloud Services Recommendations (if any)
  • Recommend web site design, hosting, or e-mail service enhancements

Step Four – Ongoing Support

  • On-call, break/fix services
  • On site
  • In our shop
  • Phone support
  • Remote access support
  • Proactive support service for:
  • Backup monitoring and verification
  • Security monitoring
  • Scheduled maintenance, updates, and security subscription renewals
  • Improvements in web site design, or web site updates, web hosting, and email services