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Once computers are connected to a network, security becomes a major concern. While the days of the I Love You, Lirva, and Code Red viruses are largely over, the threat now is organized software based computer exploits by organized criminal gangs, industrial espionage by the Chinese government, and banking scams coming from Africa. At WyzGuys we focus first on training your employees to be computer security savvy and recognize threats that are directed to them as emails or web site exploits.  Then we work on hardening your perimeter defenses, and well as ensuring that individual computers are completely protected.

We teach a three hour course that explains the nature of the security threat, and how best to protect your computers and network from them. At a bare minimum, you should have a hardware firewall at your Internet gateway, and a good Internet security suite installed on every computer and server.

We are a Silver Partner with AVG Technologies, and recommend AVG Internet Security 2015.

For more in depth information, and to read our cybersecurity blog go to WyzGuys Cybersecurity

Security in depth

At WyzGuys we are specially trained in the area of cybersecurity, computer security, network security, and Internet security. We know what the threats are and how the exploits work, and we can help you harden the perimeter of your network to keep intruders out, and establish security policies for your employees to keep confidential information from loss, theft, or exposure.

Security Assessment or Security Audit

Some industries are required by regulation to have an annual security assessment and certification. WyzGuys can perform this service for you.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment takes the security audit to a deeper level by actively testing your computer hosts, servers, and network devices for known vulnerabilities using special computers and software. This allows a company to uncover potentials areas of attack and take corrective action to mitigate these threats.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, sometimes called pen testing, or security testing, is an in depth security testing process where we are engaged to perform a full-on, offensive attack where we intentionally try to penetrate your network from the outside in order to discover vulnerabilities to your security environment that you may not know you have or thought you had covered. This sort of security analysis is quite involved and can take some time to complete. If you are trying to fully comply with federal or state data privacy and retention laws, industry or government regulations such as HIPPA or PCI DSS, or if your company has created intellectual property that you would like to keep out of the hands of competitors, criminal groups, or rogue governments, this might be for you.