Computer Education For Adults

Computers have revolutionized our lives and the world we live in. They have become smaller, more powerful, and less expensive with every year. They are indispensable business tools, and are rapidly expanding their influence into our homes, as media center repositories for music, pictures, and video; and even our automobiles as part of a the music or navigation systems. And of course with smartphones and tablets we can have tiny computers and the power of the Internet at our fingertips all the time

Are you new to the world of computers, or do you simply want to improve your computer skills? Do you need to learn how to work with Microsoft Office applications for a new job?  If you find computers a little overwhelming, intimidating, or confusing, our computer courses for adults can help.

WyzGuys Computer Tutors is the educational affiliate of The WyzCo Group Inc. We offer private computer coaching and corporate group instruction. We also provide computer training through several Community Education Programs

“I attended your class on Thursday night about making your website Googlicious. The class went above and beyond my expectations! You did a great job presenting all the material in an easy to understand way and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!”

-Leah Masonick